Welcome to the Center for a Vital Community!

At the CVC, our only agenda is the community.  We engage citizens to strengthen this place we call home.
A program of Sheridan College, the CVC operates as a nonprofit and raises its own funds for programming and support.
The CVC provides leadership training, nonprofit support and helps move community initiatives forward.

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The CVC Focus

The Sheridan CiViC Project, our flagship program, continues to graduate emerging and existing leaders in Sheridan County fully equipped to identify and mobilize community issues to create real, specific changes.

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Nonprofit Support

With a population of nearly 30,000 and over 400 registered nonprofits, Sheridan County has an abundance of organizations dedicated to improving the lives of all our residents.


A week at YMCA of the Bighorns that’s fun, educational and filled with outdoor adventures to help 8th graders meet the challenges of transitioning to high school.


At the CVC, our only agenda is the community.  We engage citizens to strengthen this place we call home.
Camp was fun because in the time I was there, I made a lot of good friends that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. We got a lot of freedom and opportunities and I’m really glad I went.
Talia Steel, 2015 CiViC Leadership Camper
CiViC allowed me to grow more professionally and personally than any other program I have ever done, but most importantly with heart and a common goal of doing good for our community.
Lane Thompson, City Engineer, City of Sheridan, CiViC 2014 Graduate
The CVC is one of the most unique and helpful entities that any community I have lived in has available! It is a highly effective organization that has added significant educational and community networking value to our non-profit workplace here in Sheridan. We are extremely fortunate to have it as a resource.
Rindy West, Development Director, Sheridan Senior Center
The CVC has initiated three Study Circles focusing on issues that are important for a healthy community. Bringing all sectors of the community together to take the best of Sheridan, envision what might be and build something even better together… this process has changed the face of our community. CVC provides the forum for us to dream and build for a better tomorrow.
Kay Wallick, Community Member

What do we do?

At the CVC, our only agenda is the community.  We engage citizens to strengthen this place we call home.


Thanks to the vision and initial investment of the Homer and Mildred Scott Foundation, the Center for a Vital Community began in 2001. The Foundation’s trustees found a home for the CVC at Sheridan College where the trustees saw the Center offering information collection, leadership development and facilitation.

The CVC remains a neutral convener for community issues and moves forward critical initiatives.

Its flagship program, the Sheridan CiViC Leadership Project, has graduated nearly 125 Sheridan County residents who have shared language and experiences.  These translate into common values and visions for our area.  

The health and success of our local non-profits continues to be a focus of the CVC’s work as well as youth leadership and on-going partnerships with other community entities.

Who are we?

We’re the shizzle!