Nearly a quarter of Sheridan County residents will be over 65 in 2030. By 2025, Wyoming could see Alzheimer’s cases grow as much as 71%.  We want to embrace this phenomenon because we will all be affected by it.

Photo Courtesy of Sheridan’s Economic Development Task Force

Five initiatives have been identified and are moving forward from the Action Forum.

Dementia Friends

Creating communities where people living with dementia feel accepted and understood.
  • Front line providers
  • Clubs, churches, organizations
  • Businesses
  • Emergency personnel
  • Medical community
  • Policy makers
  • Law enforcement
  • Neighbors

Meeting Notes

Dementia Friends 120115

020416 DF meeting notes

Community Strategic Planning for Dementia Friendly Physical Spaces

Encouraging meaningful activity and social interaction while reducing risks and providing quiet, safe spaces
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Care facilities
  • Businesses
  • Etc.

Build a Healthcare Continuum for Dementia Needs

Assuring integration of care across health and social services
  • Recruit elder care professionals
  • Provide ongoing education on eldercare and dementia for all healthcare professionals
  • Promote cognitive screenings, especially for early diagnosis
  • Increase and empower CNAs
  • Provide information on dementia prevention

Meeting Notes

120715_Dementia_Minutes Healthcare Continuum Task Force Meeting

12016_Dementia_Minutes_Healthcare Task Force Meeting

Dementia Friendly Community Healthcare Continuum Meeting Notes 020316

HC Continuum Minutes 3-14-16

GPS (Gathering Positive Solutions) Volunteers and Support Centers

Where those living with dementia and their families can receive initial and ongoing support.
  • Either a central place or several locations where trained volunteers can help guide those living with dementia and their caregivers to appropriate resources and navigate whatever processes are involved.

Meeting Notes

Support Center and Navigator Action Forum 12-16-15 Minutes

012616 Navigator Meeting Minutes

Navigator and Support Center Agenda 021016

GPS Meeting Notes 021116

GPS Meeting Notes 030916

Caregiver Support and Respite

Involving, including and caring for those living with dementia
  • Support groups in outlying communities
  • Activities
  • Short break programs
  • Expanded senior companion programs

Meeting Notes

Caregiver and Respite Meeting Notes 011316

Caregiver and Respite Meeting Notes 020316

Check Out the Guide Training for Dementia Friends!  

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