Amy Albrecht
Amy AlbrechtDirector
Originally from Peoria, Illinois but an enthusiastic Wyoming transplant since 1992, Amy keeps hoping she’ll be considered a native and wears tall boots whenever possible. She has a background in advertising and public relations and credits the CVC’s CiViC Leadership Project with giving her the confidence to apply for the CVC Director position. Married to Mike and Mother-of-the-Minute award winner to Will and Nick, Amy works out at 5 a.m. and grabs a book whenever she has a free moment. She is convinced she has the best job on the planet.
Julie Greer
Julie GreerProject Coordinator
Julie is as loud and outgoing as Amy yet much better organized. She is fully in charge of CampFIRE as well as keeping the CVC running smoothly. After being Sheridan College’s Outdoor Education and Recreation Director, leadership camp is right up her tent pole. A graduate of the inaugural CiViC Project in 2005, Julie insists that it was the very best class. In fact, she demands to be called #1. Amy seldom acquiesces but likes to humor her. When not being humored, Julie can be found with her husband, Stuart Greer, and her raft of fun and crazy friends hiking, backpacking, fishing or canoeing in the Bighorns. She is a member of the Sheridan Community Land Trust Board and Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources Commission.

Look! A rare sighting of the entire CVC Advisory Board in one place!

Erin Kilbride
Erin KilbridePresident
Executive Director, Tongue River Valley Community Center
  • Recreation enthusiast, workaholic, hoppy (to be a craft beer lover)
Kristen Czaban
Kristen CzabanVice President
Publisher, The Sheridan Press
  • Curious, avid reader, seeker of outdoor adventure
Arik Jacobson
Arik JacobsonSecretary/Treasurer
Owner, Eliason Financial
  • Travel enthusiast; dedicated friend, father and husband; crazed Husker fan
Erin Butler
Erin Butler
Director, Wyo Theater
  • Wine habitué; performing arts audience, advocate, addict, admirer, achiever; accessory to Cosmo
Anne Pendergast
Anne Pendergast
Rancher, Big Horn, WY
  • Equestrian, fly fishing fool, bon vivant
John Heyneman
John Heyneman
Executive Director, Plank Stewardship Initiative
  • Arborist, poet, imaginary submarine captain
Joanne Garnett
Joanne Garnett
Partner, Orion Planning + Design

  • Addicted to community planning, traveler with endless curiosity, held hostage by two cats
Christina Schmidt
Christina Schmidt
Public Information Specialist, Wyoming Game and Fish Dept.
  • Reader, writer, gardener
Allen Thompson
Allen Thompson
Sheriff, Sheridan County
  • Husband, father, voracious information gatherer, student of followership
John Dick
John Dick
Commercial Banker, First Interstate Bank
  • Husband & father, connector, abstract thinker, victim of constant wanderlust
Jenny Tribley
Jenny Tribley
Volunteer and Community Education Coordinator, The Hub on Smith
  • Hiker, reading enthusiast, veteran furniture rearranger
Jen Crouse
Jen CrouseEx officio
Vice President of Student Affairs, NWCCD &
Executive Director, Sheridan College Foundation
  • Mother, lover of ice cream, fast car enthusiast