We don’t just sound the alarm

I just saw a very funny commercial.  Almost as funny as the one from Geico with the mom calling the James Bond-like son during a high pressure situation and wanting to talk to him about the squirrel infestation at the parental home.  I want to say right up front that I would never do something [...]

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Resources in sunny climes

Have I mentioned that I just returned from sunny California?  It was a huge sacrifice to leave Wyoming in March for the Bay Area but one must make sacrifices for one’s professional development.  Call me the sacrificial lamb.  Baaa.  I headed to the land of fruits and nuts (or vineyards and palm trees) to attend [...]

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Call me Polly

I have been called a Pollyanna.  And not always in a kind, supportive way.  More in the, “Open your eyes, Amy!  There are mean people everywhere, bad things happen constantly and the world may be coming to an end at any time!  Stop with the perpetual optimism!” variety.  I won’t belabor my supersized optimism gene [...]

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Kevin Bacon’s got nothing on Wyoming

Editor's Note: We are publishing some favorite past posts (unfortunate but necessary alliteration) so the time references might be confusing.  Forge on. There are so many things I love about living in Wyoming.  Sometimes, in mid-April, when it's snowing and 18 degrees, I lose touch with those reasons but they quickly return to me when the [...]

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