Everyone leaves a legacy – what’s yours?

[Author’s note: For all those who missed the mea culpa column I wrote the week after the Moving to Mississippi debacle, let me just reiterate – we are not moving, nor have any plans or aspirations to ever move to Mississippi. Thank you for your concern.] It’s finally March, also known as Fool’s Spring, Second [...]

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Stoicism admirable, just not me

When you attempt to describe a person, adjectives usually come easily.  Take me for example. (I’m sure my family often wishes you would.) I have been described as enthusiastic, loud, happy, and loud. Shy and withdrawn will seldom be words used to illustrate me, nor will quiet.  However, the quality I am Least Likely to [...]

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Expressing gratitude with an old fashioned note

Hello, everyone!  I’m just back from a riotous time in Huron, South Dakota, at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo.  That weeklong road trip was preceded by the statewide nonprofit conference, Collective Voices.  The week before that was filled with 33 graduated eight graders at CampFIRE, the CVC’s youth leadership camp at YMCA of the [...]

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Deep breath: make (summer) time last

Please help me out here.  I’m having anxiety and need coping skills. It’s now June.  June is my favorite month of the entire year.  Both boys’ birthdays (two cakes!), warm weather, everything florescent green outside, and exuberant birdsong are hallmarks of June.  Adorable goslings, bunnies, ducklings, and fawns abound.  I exhibit misplaced optimism about the [...]

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CVC website is live despite my epic procrastination

I have always maintained that I work better under pressure.  It’s one of those little lies one tells oneself when their hair is on fire and they’re freaking out because the deadline of whatever is looming.  It’s much the way I now explain my timeliness or lack thereof.  I credit my friend, SJ, with this [...]

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Lean and focused

I was just in a great meeting that gave me the seed for my column.  The words lean and focused were mentioned.  I can’t remember what this phrase referenced but I decided on the spot that it should be my new tagline:  “Amy Albrecht, Director of the CVC, Lean and Focused.”  Sadly, after the amount [...]

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