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Parents – teenager training

Parenting a teenager is not for weenies.  Those of you who have undertaken it know the struggle is real.  Those of you who have only been teens should remember the awkwardness, the endless moments of humiliation, the fear of being noticed, the fear of being unnoticed.  It's just brutal. The surging hormones mean teens are [...]

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Birthdays and funfests

  I love March.  It means so many things.  Daffodils (my all-time fave flower) from the American Cancer Society.  The chance that spring (my all-time fave season) might actually arrive.  March Madness, which pretty much annually features the Kansas Jayhawks (my all-time fave team).  In addition and most importantly, it’s the month of my birthday!  [...]

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Take time to be kind

I’m back!  Four pounds lighter, perhaps a few inches smaller and feeling very pleased with self for surviving the Whole30.  Thanks for the votes of confidence! Today, I’m using my column for something other than what’s become a bit of my personal blog post.  Instead, I’m going to share both my disappointment and my hope. [...]

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Wholly30, here we go

Happy New Year!  Yep, 2017 has entered at full throttle, complete with hideous cold and deeply unfortunate wind.  We’ve all become complete wusses after the last few winters and as someone who has been a proud Wyoming resident for 24 years and 7 months (but who’s counting?), I don’t remember it being quite this cold [...]

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Bring on the tacky tidings

It’s the Christmas season! Yippee!  You know how I know this?  Not because the decorations are up in stores. That happened in September.  And not because the snow finally started flying, although that did help.  Nope, the Christmas music has started on the radio stations.  At least the radio has the decency to wait until [...]

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Join the support staff for our community’s children

I am the parent of two boys, ages 11 and 14.  I came to the parenting gig late so I had plenty of time to watch my friends raise their children.  I also had plenty of time to be incredibly judgmental about what I saw as their mistakes and shortcomings.  In my head I was [...]

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Adventures at the Fair – dog shows, taxidermy

I’ve recently returned from a trip down south.  Douglas, to be specific.  It’s Wyoming State Fair time and my boys were fortunate enough to have had a great Sheridan County Fair so we joined the parade of livestock trailers down the interstate. As I was musing on the subject for this column, I couldn’t help [...]

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‘What’s the salt on that caramel?’ and other useful phrases

There are some who think I have my own language.  This is probably because I make up words to suit my needs.  For example, the term ‘stuade,’ pronounced stwaid.  It’s kind of fun to see in print, isn’t it?  Stuade is actually a word one of my college friends made up and I use it [...]

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We don’t just sound the alarm

I just saw a very funny commercial.  Almost as funny as the one from Geico with the mom calling the James Bond-like son during a high pressure situation and wanting to talk to him about the squirrel infestation at the parental home.  I want to say right up front that I would never do something [...]

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